General Terms and Conditions of Sale

Scope of application

The General Sales Conditions determine the conditions applicable to sales made by WAPI, Promotional Marketing Solutions, hereinafter referred to as “WAPI” and their buyers, hereinafter referred to as “consumer”, and regulate the rights and obligations of both parties and supersedes any non imperative law.

Any exception or amendment to the Terms and Conditions takes the form of private condition and is only valid if made in writing, accepted and signed by the legal representative of both parties, prevailing in this case on the first.

Any and all conditions that the consumer may insert into documents of any kind that is contradictory to the provisions of the Terms and Conditions will be void and without value.

WAPI reserves the right to update, add or remove clauses to the General Sales Conditions without prior notice to the Consumer.

Product Selection

The Consumer is entirely responsible for the selection(s) of product(s) purchased as well as the use or function to which they relate. Therefore WAPI cannot guarantee and is not responsible for the suitability of the product for technical applications required by the consumer, nor the full range or part of the objects aimed for in making the purchase.

Acceptance of Orders

Products distributed by WAPI are meant for advertising and / or promotional use. For any other uses WAPI disclaims any liability and / or penalty it may incur due to the use by third parties for purposes other than those stated here.

All orders must be confirmed via the website or email.

All requests for samples or other similar and related requests will have to be carefully analyzed and validated by WAPI.

The minimum order value is of 30.00 € (thirty euros) plus the value of transport and VAT legal rate. The minimum purchase value of a product with customization is 150 € (one hundred and fifty euros) plus transportation value and VAT legal rate.

Barring definitive rupture of stock or other situations beyond WAPI’s control, all orders will be fulfilled.

In the case of a temporary failure of stock WAPI will directly contact the Consumer, to reach a resolution agreed between both parties.

Prices displayed

The prices applied are those which are on the website, barring a typographic error.

Prices shown on the website apply until alteration or amendment, without prior notice.

WAPI does not reserve the duty to alert the consumer in any case of change and / or correction of the proposed prices.

Prices shown on the “Store” do not reflect VAT at the current legal rate.

The exception to the previous point occurs only at the completion of orders, where the website features a section with the VAT to the legal rate to apply.

Order fulfillment

Items featured on this website may occasionally suffer slight changes in shape and / or color without notice.

WAPI reserves the right not to fulfill an order in the event of a breach of these conditions by the Consumer.

WAPI will only process the order of the consumer when its value has been paid.

Orders are delivered without shipping time commitment, since this is the responsibility of third-parties other than WAPI.

WAPI is not responsible for the correct delivery of the goods to the consumer as of the goods’ timely dispatch from its facilities or from its partners facilities.

WAPI will assume the cost of shipping to the Consumer’ facilities in the event of an order with a cost, before VAT, of at least €200.00 (two hundred euros).

Transport costs presented on WAPI’s website, despite being the closest possible to the final value, are merely indicative. These values ​​may change after the processing of the order.

All orders, even when supported by WAPI, travel at the risk of the Consumer.

Acceptance of complaints, returns and order cancellations

WAPI may cancel any order free of charge as long as the order status is not being processed or executed in the factory. From the moment WAPI processes the order, the cancellation process must be agreed between the parties, incurring the customer to pay any charges inherent to it.

WAPI only accepts complaints when addressed in writing by the Consumer.

Complaints are only accepted for incomplete orders, in a total deviation of 1% from the invoiced quantities, wrong orders or for defective products, and when complained about within 5 working days from the date of receipt of the order by the Consumer, since they are made to measure or personalised / printed, agreed in advance with the customer.

After the deadline stipulated in the previous point, WAPI considers the order accepted by the Consumer for all its purposes.

Returns are only accepted when they are made within 3 working days from the date of receipt of the order and when they are properly packed in their original boxes/bags.

Claims for damages during transport will only be accepted when documented in the carrier’s delivery note on the document or equipment. It is the Consumer’s responsibility to check the goods upon receipt.

If you find that the product received is not in the agreed conditions, please contact us. WAPI may replace the defective units or return the same amount. Wapi, without a justified cause, will accept any return of the products, since they are made to measure or personalized / printed, in agreement with the customer through previous mockups and ways.

In the case of partial return of an order, WAPI reserves the right to review and adjust the prices charged for the final quantity of items actually purchased by the Consumer.

The collection of goods claimed or returned must be made in the precise conditions and that the delivery has taken place, both in terms of its conditioning and the place of collection.

Conditions of payment

Payments are made upon order confirmation, via website or e-mail using the payment methods provided.

The available payment methods are bank transfer, Paypal, ATM reference, credit card.

In all cases, WAPI will only start the Consumer order processing from the moment the amount is credited.

All debts to WAPI must be paid directly to its headquarters.

WAPI reserves the right to interrupt the satisfaction of a Consumer order, as long as the rules presented in the previous points have not been respected.

In case of dispute, the competent forum will be the Consumer Conflicts Arbitration Centre of the District of Coimbra.

Personalization of products

The number of custom products may vary from the customer’s order by 3%.

WAPI does not guarantee that the customization of articles using Pantone colours also corresponds to the Pantone reference, especially when the application of the customization takes place on colours and/or surfaces other than white.

For requests for physical proofs of personalised products, the value of the work will be agreed upon by the parties.

The logo or image to be applied to the personalisation of products must be delivered in vector and editable format, namely Corel Draw (.cdr) and Adobe Illustrator (.ai). Otherwise, the cost of the scanning and preparation work will be charged to the Consumer upon agreement between the parties.

To determine a production deadline for a custom order, it is up to the Consumer to consult WAPI for delivery of an estimated production deadline.

WAPI will always provide the Consumer with a digital pre-production model, which they must validate and confirm in writing.

Personalised products may undergo changes to the packaging and wrapping vis-à-vis non-printed products, without any prior notice.

Payment conditions

Payments are made at the confirmation of the order, via the website or email using the available payment methods.

The payment methods available are bank transfer, PayPal, and credit card.

In all situations, WAPI will only start processing the consumer’s order once it has been paid for.

All debts to WAPI should be paid directly to their head office.

WAPI reserves the right to suspend the fulfillment of a consumer’s order, provided that the guidelines presented in the previous paragraphs have not been respected.

In case of dispute, the competent court will be the Arbitration Center for Consumer Disputes in the district of Coimbra.

Product customization

The number of customized products may vary from the customer’s request, by 3%.

WAPI does not guarantee that the customization of items with Pantone Color will exactly match the Pantone reference, especially when customization is applied on surfaces other than white.

For physical samples of customized products, the price will be agreed between the parties.

The logo or image to be applied in the customization of products must be delivered in vector and editable form, such as Corel Draw (.cdr) or Adobe Illustrator (ai). Otherwise the cost of artwork preparation will be charged to the consumer. The cost is to be agreed between the parties.

To determine a deadline for the production of a custom application, it is up to the consumer to consult WAPI to deliver an estimated period of production.

WAPI will always provide a pre-production model to the consumer, which must be validated and confirmed in writing.

Customized products’ packaging may change compared to non-printed products, without notice.